Pest Control San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano Gopher and Mole Extermination With A 60-Day Guarantee

Rodent Guys Pest Control is licensed and insured offering trustworthy pest control at competitive prices in San Juan Capistrano, California. Our personnel  are welcoming and well informed on how to treat gophers, moles and ground squirrels. Pest extermination is an art that the Rodent Guys has mastered using many methods applied to our pest service niche market.

Gopher Control Truck


Rodent Guys Rodent Control offers multiple methods to handling your common pests. Many of our methods are child and pet friendly.  This makes us a good choice for customers with kids, pets or worries about non-target wildlife that can be harmed by traditional rodent control methods.

Gophers make multiple mounds of dirt in the yard. Gophers are rodents that normally live a solitary life.  Rodent Guys pest control focuses on gopher control and extraction for San Juan Capistrano. We start by walking the property and scan for the best location to place traps, and then we return a couple of days later and examine the traps. After the trap check the employee will use a carbon monoxide machine to inject gas into the tunnel to ensure complete control.

Moles are harder to catch, which requires a bit more technique that the employees at Rodent Guys pest control posses. Moles are tinnier than gophers and require a different trap. A technician will visit the home and make sure that it is mole, and then set the traps. The traps will be examined several days later to remove the mole or reset traps as necessary.

Mole are more difficult to treat so customers should take advantage of the 60-day guarantee. The guarantee allows the customer to call our company within their guarantee period if they spot any fresh  activity. One of our friendly employees will go back out and re-treat the property as often as needed during the guarantee period at no additional cost.

The other pest that Rodent Guys specialize in are ground squirrels in San Juan Capistrano. People with issues with squirrels a employee will come out and set traps in strategic areas around the property. While performing the trap set up and return checks the ground squirrel burrows will be fummigated and the entrances closed.

Pest control is not all about rodents, bugs are also considered as pests. Our company performs outside insect. When a technician goes out to treat a house they will normally spray the base of the house and places that enter into the house. Common area to defend are vents, access doors, and fissures in stucco or other opening a spider can crawl into. We also apply chemical around areas that are commonly used and can be known as trouble spots which are all high bug and insect traffic areas, which are often overlooked. The spraying can help elminate cockroaches, ants, spiders, roaches, silverfish, fleas, ticks, and other bugs.

If you want the best pest control company to handle your pest or if you have any questions for our pest control service in San Juan Capistrano, California about Rodent Guys or what we do visit