Gopher Trapping Chino

Rodent Guys gopher trapping in Chino 60 Day Guarantee

Rodent Guys gopher trapping Chino service protects your landscape from the devastating damage from gophers and moles. Our residential treatment for gophers has no poisons and is safe for kids, dogs, cats and other wildlife. We use unique and safe approaches for gopher removal with the longest guarantee of any company around.

Our normal method for your Chino gopher trapping home and commercial gopher removal is a combination of traps and carbon monoxide. We do not use the normal poisonous bait which is strychnine or bait similar to rat poison bait. We have found their effectiveness is low and the danger to your pets and other animals along with predatory birds is high.

Instead our gopher trapping starts out with setting traps in the gopher tunnels near recent gopher evidence on your Chino property. Most traps are placed down into the gopher’s tunnel using irrigation flags displaying their positions. Rodent Guys normally will allow the traps sit for one to seven days varying on schedule, weather and the technician’s recommendation.

When we arrive to pick-up the traps all of the dead rodents will be removed out of the tunnels which is the 1st phase of our gopher trapping Chino. After the trapping we will use our carbon monoxide machines to funnel carbon monoxide gas into the burrow killing any other gophers in the tunnel including the offspring in the nest. Utilizing two types of control techniques such as these gives excellent gopher control allowing us to offer the longest guarantee.

Chino: The reason to not poison?

There are many poison baits are available for controlling gophers but few of them have good effeciency. Even the professional version of gopher poison available to us, a licensed pest control company, is limited in its effectiveness. Strychnine is reported to be only 50-60% effective as a standalone technique of gopher control. Our experience with these poisons is slightly better but still not too low for repeatable results for your Chino home.

Not only does poison not get good control it is also quite dangerous to dogs, cats and wildlife not to mention a child. Sometimes gophers will push poison from their tunnels if they don’t plan to consume it (this happens commonly). Once the bait is above ground it is now exposed for anyone (child, pet, other animals) to consume the deadly bait. Strychnine has no antidote and kills in around 30 minutes.

The other way for exposure to the poison is if a dog digs into the tunnel going after the gopher and digs down to the bait. Don’t let pest control companies lie to you, the main tunnels are not multiple feet below the surface in Chino. The tunnels on your landscape are 2-8″ down and easy to dig since the tunneling removed much of the dirt previously.

The last way for your pet or wildlife to get poisoned by gopher bait is by eating a dead or dying rodent that ate the poison. The bait is still in the gopher’s stomach and when your dog eats the gopher it he eats the poison as well. If you own dogs it is highly recommended to not use gopher bait and don’t let pest control companies serving Chino try to tell you it is safe – its not.

What is the reason for traps?

We have played with many ways for gopher extermination in the past few years in Chino. The main reasons to use trapping as a primary method of gopher pest removal is it works very well and is wildlife safe. There is no doubt when you pull out a gopher that you have solved the problem.

What is the purpose of carbon monoxide?

We know customers want their gopher infestation solved quickly in Chino. When we follow our trapping up with a carbon monoxide method we have now used a totally separate method utilizing a different technology to help ensure the highest chances of full gopher eradication.

The carbon monoxide floods the gopher burrow system with an unbreathable environment which only requires them to breath as a method of control. The whole system which is connected by tunneling is filled with this deadly gas in about 30 seconds and will exterminate gophers within the tunnels including young in the nest. After the machines are turned off the gas quickly dissipates out of the gopher tunnels. People and pets above ground are unaffected by the gasses down in the tunnel. Our machines are registered and approved by EPA and State of California regulations for everyone’s safety and legal in Chino, California.

What is the Guarantee?

Rodent Guys has the longest guarantee of anyone we know about who services Chino. Our regular guarantee is sixty days. So while you are under your guarantee period if you notice any mounding you can call us back with no cost to your property and we will re-treat the area.

Do you offer monthly service?

We perform regular service for residential and commercial properties in Chino. This is usaully performed on a monthly basis consisting of Rodent Guys coming to your property one-time per month walking the entire landscape and treating the gopher activity.

If activity is noticed in between visits in Chino we can be called out to take care of it so you do not have to wait until your next service. This minimizes the damage gophers do and keeps your property at its best. We will either do an extra visit or perform the next visit early depending how soon your next visit is scheduled.

Give us a call – there is no cost for a call. We would be happy to go over your pet safe gopher trapping Chino and quote prices right over the phone. No time like the present – call us now.

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